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Before the internet made the home searching process so accessible, potential home buyers were introduced to what properties were listed for sale mainly through traditional print advertising and curbside ‘For Sale’ signs. When the potential buyer became an active buyer, they would contact their local real estate brokerage with a list of their “Must-Have” amenities and ask, “What’s for sale?”

Now, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors in 2012, well over 90% of buyers begin their home search online. The result has been a pool of extremely knowledgeable home buyers who are able to pinpoint specific homes that match their criteria. While the value of your local real estate agent has shifted, it certainly has not decreased. A few examples of the importance of working with a Chestnut Oak Agent when looking for houses for sale in Connecticut:

  • Guidance, Direction & Advice – The search for your dream home can be incredibly fun and exciting but also overwhelming. By working exclusively with a Chestnut Oak Agent you can ensure that the process will be handled smoothly and effectively. Chestnut Oak Agents will assist you in all facets of the home buying process – making an offer, executing contracts, conducting inspections, negotiating requests for repairs, obtaining financing in an ever-changing lending landscape and working with your attorney on a successful closing.
  • Negotiations – One of the most important aspects of home buying and an opportunity for Chestnut Oak Agents to display their experience, knowledge of the market and pass their value directly to their client is during negotiations. Chestnut Oak Agents promise complete confidentiality in getting you the home of your dreams at the best terms possible. For example, it is common for home buyers to request that the seller credit the buyer money at closing towards allowable closings costs, saving the buyer thousands of dollars out of pocket at closing.
  • It’s Free! – Many home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, are not aware that in the majority of real estate transactions it is customary that the seller pays the real estate commission. All of this is available to you completely free of charge! Contact Chestnut Oak Associates for your initial buyer consultation today.

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